The institute of Supply management will release their non-manufacturing index survey today as expectations are to see a slight incline to 47.3 from 44.6 in January, yet a reading below 50 still gives as a clear sign for contraction, and we all know how the services sector was one of the main things that got hurt during the undergoing crisis.

The employment part in the Manufacturing ISM has dropped massively on Monday, and we need to see the employment index in the services sector along with today's ADP report to start actually having a better Idea on what the jobs' report might be, and to tell you the truth it's not looking good so far.

The ADP report expect and addition of only 15,000 jobs in the month of February, against 130,000 jobs in January as measured by the Auto Data Processing survey, another sign that the jobs report may show definite problems and more confirmations that the economy is in a recession or at least heading towards a recession.

The U.S. Dollar is consolidating around new levels today, weak levels if I might say, and we are waiting for a either a comeback for the greenback, or a new break and some new weak levels again…I think time will tell us, and Friday is not that far…so let's wait and see, as it will be a very important variable in the U.S. recession equation.