A shipment of rockets from Iran that was intended for Gaza was intercepted by Israeli forces at sea early Wednesday morning, Israel says.

According to the Israel Defense Force's official Facebook page, the IDF intercepted a cargo ship in the Red Sea and found the Syrian-made M302 surface-to-surface missiles inside crates that were underneath bags of concrete that read “MADE IN I.R. [Islamic Republic of] IRAN.”

The IDF released a video showing the rockets and the bags of cement. The soundless video appears to be real, although some people on Facebook and Twitter are already claiming it’s a fake.

The operation was given the go-ahead after IDF Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Benjamin Gantz ordered the Israeli Navy to intercept, board and search the KLOS-C ship, which was sailing from Iraq to Egypt. The missiles were discovered among cargo.  

Smuggling map How the Israeli Defense Force allege that the missiles were smuggled into the Gaza strip Photo: IDF

The IDF says the missiles were to be used against the civilian population of Israel. Most of the country is within range of rockets from Gaza. 

An animated video from the IDF has surfaced, giving Israel's account of how the operation took place.