An Israeli man convicted of killing his former boss and five of his family members after being fired has been sentenced to six life prison sentences by the Petah Tikva District Court, one for each of the six members of the family he murdered.

Damian Karlik was sentenced Tuesday for the 2009 murders of restaurant owner Dmitry Oshrenko, his wife, Tatiana, their children, Revital, 3, and Netanel, 4 months, and Dmitry's parents, Ludmilla and Edward, in the family's Rishon Letzion apartment, south of Tel Aviv in central Israel, Haaretz reported.

The defendant took the lives of three generations of the Oshrenko family, Judge Avraham Tal said. The grandmother and grandfather, the parents and their children, who were asleep in their beds as he stabbed each one multiple times.

Karlik was also found guilty of robbing Edward Oshrenko and of attempting to destroy evidence of the crime, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Karlik was not satisfied with taking the lives of the Oshrenko family, the judge said. As he had planned, he set fire to a towel in the kitchen and managed to burn part of the apartment to remove traces of himself, then stole cash from Edward and Dmitry.

The 39-year-old Karlik reportedly sat upright and unflinching, flanked by prison guards, as the judges read his sentence. On top of the life sentences, he received a 10-year sentence for breaking and entering, arson and ordered to pay thousands of dollars in compensation to relatives of the Oshrenkos.

Initially, Karlik confessed to the killings, but later retracted his confession. Karlik's wife, Natalia, was charged alongside her husband for her involvement in the murders, and sentenced to 13 years as part of a plea deal.

Karlik reportedly became disgruntled after Oshrenko fired him from the family restaurant for stealing a bottle of vodka. His wife reportedly helped her husband plot revenge on the family fourth months before the murders, Haaretz reported.