A motorcycle-mounted bomb has exploded in Istanbul, wounding 15 policemen and a civilian, Turkey's prime minister said Thursday.

The remote-controlled device exploded near the offices of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AK), wrecking a police bus and nearby vehicles.

We will never bow to such attacks, Erdogan said in a televised news conference, according to AP.

We will continue our struggle against terrorism and the culprits will be captured as soon as possible.

Thursday's attack follows the death of a policeman during a similar bombing in the same area last year.

According to AP none of those injured in Thuirsday's blast were in a serious condition.

While there has been no claims of responsibility so far, groups linked to Kurdish rebels or Muslim extremists have detonated bombs in the capital before.

As a police vehicle carrying 21 officers was passing by, a remote control bomb on a motorcycle exploded. Our teams are carrying out the investigation, Istanbul police chief Huseyin Capkin told reporters.

It happened around 9 am.. I was in my shop, and when I heard the explosion I ran out, a local shopkeeper named Orhan, told Reuters.

People ran to the minibus. There were no flames. The injured were moved to a building nearby and later into the ambulances.

Thursday's blast comes amid growing calls from Turkish Kurds for greater autonomy and a police crackdown on suspected rebels belonging to the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK).