With the recession and the drop in house prices it is understandable to think that the housing market is all bad news at this point in time. However on the contrary it will probably be the best time ever to purchase a property. Especially if you are a first time buyer the time is perfect to invest in your very own property.

Take a few minutes to consider it all, while everyone else is writing about how awful things are at the moment, the price of property is at an all time low. This is then the perfect opportunity to purchase your very own property at low cost. Alongside this factor it is also possible to get thousands of dollars in help from the Government to buy a residence.

So you could purchase your very own condo or apartment at a peerless price, some of the lowest mortgage loan rates heard of in the last 20 years and to make it even better you can even get money back from the government at tax time. Come January you could possibly be receiving an extremely pleasant bank deposit from Uncle Sam if you purchase a home. If you are looking into saving further money by purchasing a condo that needs some updating it may be worthwhile to use the tax repayment to do some repairs and upgrades to the home. Whilst providing the upgrades to your home ensure they are energy efficient, this will in turn allow you to claim some of the cost back on next years tax.

It is distressing that so many families have had to walk away from their condos over the last couple of years, there is no doubt that many people are having a very tough time of it at the moment but that doesn't mean you have to go without the property of your dreams. Don’t let your pity for them cause you to miss out on a bargain house.

If you are wondering about purchasing a home at a point in the near future then you must really start getting ready now so you and your money are organized when the right house appears on the market. Start off the preparations by paying down any outstanding debt you may have as the first step. The next step is to start saving your money so that you will be able to place a deposit on any property or condo that you have dreamed of.

 Author Resource:->  Terry Metcalfe writes on behalf of Edwards and Towers property specialists offering Dubai properties and luxury real estate.

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