Taiwan's Information Technology (IT) Month 2009, one of its biggest computer and IT products trade shows, has generated sales on the first two days that were up 20 percent year on year, according to the Taipei Computer Association (TCA),  the organizer of the event.

The organizer said vendors of consumer electronics and IT products saw their sales grow by over 20 percent in the first two days of the annual promotional sales event over last year.

The show, which opened last Saturday at the World Trade Center in Taipei, expects to draw over two million people and has attracted nearly 190,000 visitors during the weekend, up 10 percent compared to last year, the TCA said.

According to the TCA, the first day of the trade fair draw 85,000 people, and the second day 102,000 people, with the theme pavilions of 3D digital technology, touch panel, and E-book readers being especially popular.

TCA officials said they expect buying momentum to reach its highest level at this coming weekend, with both the number of people visiting the show and the sales revenue expected to exceed last weekend's.

IT Month opened last Saturday and runs through Dec. 6 in Taipei before it will be moved to Taichung and then Kaohsiung.