Italian Senators are to vote today on the austerity measures required by the European Union, where Italy should pass the new measures and quicken the implementation of them in order to avert deep crisis and following Greece's stance, awaiting the new coalition government to take the lead and Berlusconi to step down.

The upper house will start voting on the budget plan at 09:30 GMT, awaiting the results later in the day, while the measures are expected to pass easily especially after the upper house budget committee approved them earlier; however, the measures will go for another vote from the House of Deputies tomorrow.

Mario Monti will join other senators in a vote today, especially after the Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano made him a life-time senator on Wednesday, with expectations that this move was made to ease the way in front of him to take the lead soon when Berlusconi is set to resign.

Italian lawmakers urged to end the political conflict and rushed to quicken the implementation of the austerity measures in order to protect their nations from falling into the debt -trap especially when yields in Italian bonds surged to all-time recorded above 7%.