The California based company iTech Medical has been gaining national recognition of late as being a leader in the medical information technology field. Today, iTech Medical took a major step towards enhancing their future when they provided an update on their clinical and regulatory plans for their proprietary Muscle Pattern Recognition (MPR) System.

The MPR system is unique in that it is a patented clinical tool that analyzes patterns of muscles recruit and, more importantly, provides detailed physiological information on muscle function that can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck injury and illness.

Currently, iTech is conducting a clinical trial of the MPR system at the famed Utah Spine and Joint Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The trial that began in February of this year has already completed testing of more than 250 subjects.

When asked about the impact of this clinical trial, Dr. Alan Goldman who serves as Vice-President of Clinical and Medical Affairs at iTech, was quoted as saying, “The results of the clinical trial to date are very encouraging and we look forward to completing the study in the early part of 2010. Following the trial, we plan to submit our results to the FDA and to several peer-review journals for publication.”

With the first trial in place, iTech plans to begin a randomized, multi-centered clinical trial of the MPR System following the completion of the first trial. Dr. Goldman stated, “The goal of this second clinical trial will be to independently demonstrate the capacity of MPR testing to objectively determine patient progress and outcomes. We believe that the MPR evaluation modality will allow a physician, for the first time, to objectively identify and quantify the specific underlying physiological and biomechanical dysfunction that corresponds to an individual’s subjective complaints. The ultimate goal of our clinical program is to demonstrate the effectiveness of using MPR in conjunction with AHCPR guidelines and physicians’ clinical observations to help guide healthcare providers with the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and case management of sprain/strain back injuries.”

While Dr. Goldman is a renowned name in his field, iTech has another leader that is quickly becoming a household name in Wayne Cockburn who serves as the company’s President and CEO. Cockburn joined iTech in September of 2003 and prior to this, Mr. Cockburn was President at MPR Health Systems from January 2002 until September 2003 and Executive Vice President from January 2000 until January 2002.

Perhaps the main focus of Cockburn is to find strategic partners for the commercialization of MPR. When asked about this process, Mr. Cockburn stated, “We have been targeting specific regions in North America and the EU where we believe we will have the best opportunity at introducing MPR. We are moving towards Heads of Agreements with several parties and hope to announce definitive agreements sometime following the successful completion of our financing.”

With leaders such as Cockburn and Dr. Goldman in place and the MPR System being a state-of-the-art development, iTech is a company that is worth a long look.

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