It is now possible for iPhone users to share the 3G connection from their smartphone with their laptops through iTether.

iTether is a USB tethering app that has passed the Apple approval process and recently launched for iOS. The data sharing app currently costs $15. reported that several wireless providers such as AT&T are able to detect when a subscriber is tethering an unauthorized device and that it usually sends a warning to users asking them to stop.

Back in the summer, Nullriver's Netshare iPhone tethering app was pulled and thenmade available for download via a direct link only in App Store.

According to Engadget, Nullriver told Macrumors that it doesn't believe the SOCKS proxy violated any of the App Store SDK restrictions. Nulliver also noted that while AT&T has tethering restrictions for its 3G network, there are other carriers around the world that doesn't and therefore, they believe the app is legit.

Engadget reported that there is a high demand for the iTether app that has taken the Web site down.