Last season of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” found Mac fat. Now for the upcoming eighth season he’s being replaced ... along with the rest of the cast!

A new trailer for season eight of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” has been released, and it is an absolute hoot. Say goodbye to Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito, because the new promo has them all being replaced, and it’s not by any actors you’d expect.

The New Mac

Think Rob McElhenney is the only one who can do karate moves? Say hello to the new Mac, child-star Haley Hoel Osment. Younger, more flexible and the ability to see dead people. Talk about a total upgrade!

The New Sweet Dee

Pimp my show! Sweet Dee always thought she was a star ... and now she really is, because rapper Xzibit is now the new Sweet Dee. The promo shows Dee-zibit dancing alongside an inflatable dancing tube man, but the replacement Dee has one very noticeable problem -- Xzibit does not have Kaitlin Olson’s bird-like physical qualities. 

The New Charlie

Charlie Day will be living in the dark with the new and improved “Always Sunny” Charlie.  Tackling the role of crazed lunatic and genius behind the kitten mittens is “Full House” alum Candace Cameron. The role of Charlie definitely needs an actor who has flipped a switch on their sanity, and growing up with Bob Saget and the rest of the “Full House” crew is bound to fry some brain cells.

The New Dennis

Dennis always thought he was hot stuff. He wasn’t. Now with UFC star Chael Sonnen wrestling his way into the cast, Dennis finally has a fighting chance to make it out of the comedy with some dignity. 

The New Frank

Danny Devito who? The new promo has “Always Sunny” going through different strokes with Andrew Dice Clay as Frank. Don’t worry about missing the old Frank though ... this one still has a gun.

“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” is obviously not recasting, but the promo definitely gives some good laughs. Remember “Dumpster Baby?” The video gives a look at how ridiculous that episode still is even with Xzibit holding DB at a tanning salon while Haley Joel Osment argues with the tanning salon employee. 

So how does the gang feel about the recasting?

“I like it,” Charlie exclaims as the gang watch the trailer at Paddy’s. “I want to watch this,” Mac adds.

Catch the real gang of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” when the FX series returns on Thursday, Oct. 11 at 10 p.m. Eastern time.