All things will be revealed.  Holy Bible

The truth always comes out in the end. As they say

Fact: physicists state that the universe is like a movie, which can be rerun/replayed. Everything is recorded.

  • The advent of the network
  • The social and economic effects

I have never understood the criminal mentality where they think that what they do will remain a secret. But, as cops often say after catching a dumb criminal who did something really dumb, 'who said criminals were smart?' In relation to the stupid and criminal financial bosses who participated in economic misuse and disasters of leverage, they are going to regret it...That is not all of them but the ones who abused it.

It's the network now

First, we have to describe the advent of the network and what that is.The proliferation of home computers and things like cell phones and internet devices like Androids has caused information to be constantly displayed and accumulated and shared real time. The advent of this has caused a major social revolution in consciousness (although I kind of don't like using that cliché, it is very accurate here).

Up until the 1990s and the advent and spread of the personal computer, information was chiefly gleaned from books and physical libraries. One had to physically attend a university or college to study and have access to their million volume libraries. You attended classes where a professor taught in a room and physically you had to be there. The professors were necessary because as beginners in a subject you need a teacher to get started without wasting lots of time. That has now all changed as people can study online and access much more information with the speed of light.

Then the internet became a reality, remember even in only 1990, the internet was very basic and small compared to today. Now it's huge.

Then Google came along and took over the search networking. That added another dimension of exponential exploratory power to people and consciousness. And while Google is maturing to some extent, their service remains fundamental to the expanding network/s. Google is only limited in the sense that you do have to have some idea about the subjects you look for there, otherwise you waste lots of time. Google is the soil and your mind is the seed.

Then places like Facebook came along and Twitter, and they transcended traditional email, and created huge and diverse social networks of great speed and power. They became so powerful they toppled governments and continue to drive the social trends around the world.

So, we have in order... the personal computer, the internet, search engines and databases of information, and now social networks. It's all part of one huge network which term I use to describe them all combined.

Human consciousness

The social networks become like clouds of locusts, flocking to and fro virtually instantly, creating a herd mentality or consciousness. In a real sense the predicted evolution of consciousness predicted by religions around the year 2012 has come to pass. Human consciousness has indeed evolved, and all things that are hidden can now be known with enough effort by clouds of individuals who want to take the incredibly powerful tools of the internet and computers and focus on a topic of interest. They even walk around with their portable devices taking pictures and real time footage which then rockets around the world.

I find the expansion of consciousness due to the network and personal computers and devices intriguing as correlating with the fateful date 2012, making me wonder if this evolution of tech and human consciousness was foreknown. But I don't want to digress there at this moment.

Spiritual effects

People now spend hours inside their computers, and lose personal contact. Their health fades. They become addicted mentally. They recede into the internet.

From a religious aspect, it can be said correctly that people's spirits (the spirit can be described as your personality) become entwined inside the internet. Their consciousness resides there more and more each day. I cannot say that is necessarily good for them.

When I say internet I mean all the networks and the devices which people use.

For example, it has been stated that two thirds of all internet traffic is related to pornography. That is a most destructive thing to people's spirits, it is addicting and corrosive. Of course, no one will admit it. Like no one admits the ever increasing spread of incurable versions of STDs.

It's the Network!

The network (all of that stuff combined along with the users) ultimately reveals everything, unless it is censored. And these days, that is where we are going next, IE the next evolution of the network is a controlled and censored one. Gone will be the days of the wild west of the internet.

The popular movie the Matrix does a fair job of relating the concept of people sinking into the network, and then becoming controlled or their perception of reality controlled by it. People sitting at home in a dark room and all their experiences, thoughts, friends are inside that network. They only leave the room to go to the bathroom or eat/get a sandwich. The room only exists to house the body, while the mind is elsewhere.

Money and the economy

The network also subsumes more economic activity, with local stores closing. People wait at home for a delivery van, get the box and take it to their room. They rarely leave the domicile. People effectively live in a hive. They rarely go outside, and even when they do they take their devices and networks with them. They walk down the sidewalk looking not at people going by, or trees, or the sky; their faces are planted in their devices. They never leave the network.

Electronic money and internet trading accounts, combined with large funds who amass money concentrate wealth. World economic activity becomes subsumed and concentrated in a few hands. Local production falls away leaving huge swaths of humanity with few local jobs other than pizza parlors, Chinese takeout, and delivery jobs.

Factories move to the cheapest locations attracted by tax subsidies, and after the wages rise there, leave again to start somewhere else leaving millions without jobs again. The cycle never ends and wages drop to mere subsistence levels. People become impoverished. For example, there are about two billion people living on $2 or less per day. Factory workers in tech often make less than $100 - $200 per month for ten and twelve hours a day shifts, seven days a week. Their plight is nightmarish.

All these effects are due to the ever increasing network. And it is unstoppable apparently.

Economic derivatives on everything imaginable explode, creating incredible levels of risk to the banking and commerce systems. Ultimately when trouble arises there, the national governments use the remaining public funds to stem the latest crisis. But this will never end, and ultimately the public will be bankrupted and lead to failed states.

Again, all of these examples listed above are a direct result of the network/s, and the potential abuses/misuse of this new power of communication.

So, to conclude, the advent of the 'network' has fundamentally changed human existence and consciousness with vast implications for the world economy, currencies, and nation states.

Copyright 2012

Chris Laird

Chris Laird is a mathematician and Oracle systems engineer and publisher of the PrudentSquirrel newsletter.