Jennifer Lopez recently marked her 40th birthday with not just one over the top celebrity filled party, but two! And the second, held at Manhattan's Edison Ballroom, was supposedly a surprise, courtesy of husband Marc Anthony. Dubbed An Evening for Lola (Marc's pet name for the diva), we suspect the secret may have leaked out ahead of time... otherwise would J. Lo be dressed like this if it were not to attend a party held in her honor (or Princess Leia's)?

Overcome with emotion throughout the evening, Jennifer was brought to tears by her husband Marc's grand gesture. The weepy birthday girl also reportedly broke down when it came time to sit for her intimate dinner - she was obviously irritated when so many of her superstar friends had still not arrived when the dinner began. Perhaps it was one party too many for a 40th???

Always one to enjoy a good party, Jennifer Lopez got over her initial emotions, and managed to drink champagne and dance and celebrate until 4am. Looking fabulous for any age, Jennifer wore a white Grecian inspired gown by Roberto Cavalli. The dress had dramatic cutouts and gold chain detail. Her hair was piled high in an updo, which showed off her very large yellow gold and diamond dangle earrings. Jennifer also complimented her Greek goddess look with a yellow gold and diamond cuff bracelet. This mother of two looked stunning, and well deserving of two parties!

We haven't seen J. Lo in any films or heard any new music from her since the birth of her twins. Do you think Jennifer Lopez has given up her Jenny from the Block lifestyle, for that of Jenny of the Gymboree?