More than a year since the event took place, Jaden Smith is finally explaining why he wore a white Batman costume to Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West. The close friend of the West family explained that he “needed to protect everyone there.”

"I wore the Batman suit to heighten my experience at the wedding and [at] prom, which was fun. But also, at the wedding, I felt as though I needed to protect everyone there, and needed to have the proper gear to do so," the 16-year-old told GQ Magazine. It was unclear why he felt everyone needed protection.

It appears that the son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith will be seen in the same or similar outfits in the future. When asked about his style icons, he said: “My style icons are Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Superman and Kanye West.”

Smith has been close to the Kardashian-Jenner family for years, and attended Kim and Kanye's lavish European wedding in May last year. The group started the festivities in a week-long trip to Paris, where guests and family members bonded while sightseeing and going through wedding preparations. The entire party was flown to Florence, Italy, via private jets for the actual ceremony at Fort Belvedere.

It was there that Smith sported the all-white outfit, complete with white Batman mask. Apparently, he also wore the outfit to his high school prom.