Apple's $99 set-top box, the Apple TV, has been coaxed into running full screen iOS apps by an enterprising hacker named Steve Troughton-Smith.

Using a jailbroken Apple TV and some skillfully written codes, the hack allows iPhone and iPad apps like Safari, Facebook and Angry Birds to be run on big big-screen television sets, at 720p 1280 x 720 resolutions.


Photo Credit: Steve Troughton-Smith, Twitpic

So far, the full-screen iOS apps have not been enabled by Apple on its set-top box, neither has the company granted any access to the App Store through the device. Although it has been known that Apple TV can run iOS just like its phone, PMP and tablet, the company has limited this capability.

In order to perform the hack, Troughton-Smith used an alternative to SpringBoard, custom written by fellow coder TheMudkip. The alternative custom, named MobileX, was rewritten by using QuartzCore. It also includes an embedded VNC server to ease remote control for AppleTVs.

The MobileX thing is a standalone app. It manages HID, GS, priorities, contexts, bootstraps apps, processes bundles etc. TheMudkip tweeted.

Check out the video below: