iPad 2 owners who are desperately waiting to jailbreak their iPad have good news as iPad 2 is soon going to be revealed in Indian Market.

The iPad jailbreak has failed to attract people so far but the company has promised to launch an unlock update for iPad 2 soon.

Comex, the famous hacker, is working on an iPad 2 update, according to recent reports. Experts have also predicted that there could be a JailbreakMe 3.0.

Apple launched iPad 2 in March 2011, and immediately after the launch there was an iOS jailbreak for iPad 2, Times Wire Service reported.

Apple is reportedly going to abridge iPad and iPhone’s upgrade release cycle period from one year to six months and if it happens then the current iOS jailbreakers will have less time to work on the development of various devices, experts said.

Meanwhile, Comex has tweeted that Jailbreak is almost ready for iPad 2. It has also urged the people to join the new Jailbreak on Facebook or follow on twitter.

Another rumor surrounding the tech world is about the release of Apple’s next-gen iPad 3. It has been rumored that Apple will launch its iPad 3 this fall itself, to attract more customers.