The Notorious Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz says he has no interest in getting out of prison since he has already been freed by Jesus Christ.

In a letter written to Fox News reporter, Berkowitz, 58, said he has been given a new life through the grace of God and explained the He has forgiven him for his crimes, while society never will.

If you could understand this, I am already a 'free man.' I am not saying this jokingly. I really am, he wrote. Jesus Christ has already forgiven and pardoned me, and I believe this.

Berkowitz was convicted of murdering six women and shooting seven others in New York City over a 13-month period in 1976 and 1977. He is serving six consecutive 25-years-to-life sentences at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in New York.

Famously, Berkowitz claimed that he was ordered to commit murder by a demon that possessed his neighbor's dog.

Berkowitz has been denied parole five times and has been in prison for 34 years. He is eligible for a sixth parole hearing this year.

In the letter, Berkowitz said he had an active life in prison. He reportedly spends his time working as a mobility guide for legally blind inmates and also participates in another program aimed at helping mentally challenged prisoners. Furthermore, Berkowitz wrote that he assists in overseeing Sunday services and Bible studies in the prison chapel and writes a monthly journal about his redemption that can be viewed on the Web site

However, Berkowitz is apparently still haunted by the crimes that landed him in prison.

I have deep regret and sorrow over my past criminal actions. I would do anything if I could go back and change things and have prevented the tragedy from happening, he wrote in the recent letter. I have no interest in parole and no plans to seek release.

He has penned a public apology regarding his crimes that can be viewed on, in the section labeled David's apology.

I grieve for those who are wounded and for the family members of those who lost a loved one because of my selfish actions. I regret what I've done and I'm haunted by it, the apology, dated from 2007, states.