James Bond is back. After waiting four years for his return to the silver screen amidst MGM’s financial difficulties, “Skyfall”, the twenty-third film in the long-running spy series, will be hitting screens in October of 2012. The film follows “Quantum Of Solace”, and is part of the Daniel Craig era of Bond adventures started with the brilliant “Casino Royale”. The film also features Oscar-winner Javier Bardem (“No Country For Old Men”) as the villain, Raoul Silva. Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes (“American Beauty”) will be steering the ship.

The film is about M (Dame Judy Dench) the subject of government review after the entire roster of deep-cover MI6 agents is leaked to a mysterious enemy. After the MI6 HQ is attacked, James Bond returns to active duty in an effort to avenge MI6 and uncover the truth behind M’s shady past. Judging from the trailer, there seems to be plenty of the exciting, hardcore action seen in recent Bond films, with Daniel Craig portraying a far more physical and intense Bond than his predecessors.

The film is written by Oscar nominee John Logan (“Hugo”), alongside Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, frequent James Bond screenwriters. After struggling through legal issues, it’s nice to see MGM bouncing back with strong offerings like this latest 007 film and “The Hobbit”. Both films are likely to perform incredibly well at the box office, as they’re striking at a time when most action/adventure films aren’t plentiful at the box office. October/December is generally the very start of Awards season, so two flagship films by two Oscar-winning directors (Peter Jackson handling “The Hobbit”) will hopefully aid MGM’s recovery and re-establish them as a powerhouse studio.

Check out the trailer below (courtesy of Youtube).