For their latest foray into scents, Gucci has tapped creative director David Lynch and multi-faceted actor James Franco for the video campaign.

Developed by creative director Frida Giannini, Gucci by Gucci is her

second scented effort for the fashion house. Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme

is hailed as a modern chypre with notes that include bergamot,

cypress, violet, tobacco, jasmine, patchouli, amber and elemi. Gucci by

Gucci was a success because it was strong enough for a man, but

delicate enough for a woman. About the new scent, Giannini says she was

intrigued by using elemi because together with the tobacco it turns up

the intensity of the perfume.

The Gucci by Gucci ad campaign is directed by David Lynch and focuses

on handsome actor, James Franco. Under Lynch's direction, Franco

portrays a wealthy young man. Set in a modern apartment with warm

tones, Franco is at once conflicted as he stalks around, yet determined

as he gazes into the camera.

Saying the words to the famous song by Bryan Ferry Slave to Love,

Franco revisits his role as the troubled James Dean, with a hint of his

role as Spiderman's wealthy Harry Osborn, before he turns bad. The song

then takes over as Franco strides around the round apartment walls,

before settling in on the couch.

A behind the scenes look at the filming of the commercial reveals all

the top players taking the shoot seriously, but having a good time.

Franco breaks free of his serious focus and smiles at the camera,

making the crew smile along with him.

Sold in an elegant gray bottle with a cap as steely as

Franco's gaze in the ad, Gucci by Gucci is clearly a well-blended scent

for an elegant man.