If there's one thing James Franco never seems to run out of, it's opinions. The actor/director/author/sleepy scholar/Rihanna lip-syncher has been sharing his unsolicited observations via his blog at the Huffington Post since early May.  In his latest post, he delivers an analysis of Kristen Stewart's role in Snow White and the Huntsman. Though the Twilight star's performance received mixed reviews, Franco believes she deserves a crown for her portrayal.

In his article Kristen Stewart the Queen, the Oscar nominee praises the beautiful, intelligent actress for her work in the film and in years prior. After the debut of Twilight in 2008, Stewart suddenly leaped to international stardom and joined the $20 million club. Franco believes that her success isn't merely a stroke of luck but rather something she's worked hard for.

Kristen Stewart landed Twilight after years of working with some of the best directors in the business (David Fincher, Sean Penn). She actually does deserve the crown, he wrote, adding that she has worked her ass off in indie dramas such as The Runaways and the upcoming On the Road.

The starlet has endured harsh criticism for her awkward demeanor and unengaging interview style-criticisms that Stewart addressed in a profile for the July issue of Vanity Fair.

I get some serious sh-t about it. I'm not embarrassed about it, she told the magazine. I'm proud of it. If I took perfect pictures all the time, the people standing in the room with me, or on the carpet, would think, What an actress! What a faker!

Franco, for one, thinks Stewart has to endure more than her fair share of public scrutiny. Stewart has braved more scrutiny of her private life than most presidents, he wrote in his HuffPost piece.

Regardless of the gossip that often clouds her work, Franco believes that she pulls off the role of Snow White with tremendous conviction. He writes: Whatever Snow White may be, Kristen is a warrior queen. Give her the crown.

Despite tremendous box office competition from The Avengers and Men in Black 3, Snow White and the Huntsman defied studio expectations and debut at number one with a whopping $56.2 million. The film, which offers a dark twist on the beloved fairy tale, is the only summer blockbuster that features a female lead. Though some reviews of the film were harsh, others praised its unique style.