James Franco is seeking talent for his next artsy endeavor. The actor posted casting descriptions on Actor's Access, an online industry resource, for what appears to be a short film.

The creative venture, referred to as an "Untitled James Franco Project," calls for "James Franco types" and "Lindsay Lohan types."  According to the posting, Franco will act as the film's director while Miles Levy and Vince Jolivette (who collaborated with the actor for the bizarrely executed documentary "Francophrenia...") are set to produce.

Given that actors in different age groups are being recruited, it appears that the film will illustrate the lives of two Hollywood stars at varying staged of their lives. Several outlets are interpreting the post as evidence that the movie will be about Franco and Lohan, though it's unclear if the actress will be directly involved. 

Though Franco may be excited about the project, many are finding it laughable.

"Not even free churros for life could keep me from watching that [expletive]," writes Jezebel's Lindy West.

"It's still a bit odd that Franco has decided to make a movie about himself and Lindsay Lohan, isn't it?" Writes Andy Neuenschwander of Yidio. "Then again, pretty much everything Franco does is odd these days."

It makes sense that Franco would derive inspiration for the film's lead from Lohan. The two had a cameo in the 2006 film "The Holiday" and have remained close since.

"We're like best friends. We're hanging out later," Lohan told the NY Post in 2011.

In March of last year, the Mirror reported that Franco and Lohan would be teaming with photographer Terry Richardson for an explicit photo book. The project has yet to happen.