Jammin Java Corp., a company that focuses on providing for premium roasted coffee on a wholesale level to various markets in the U.S., has announced its new partnership with Spectrum Coffee and Water, a leader in the distribution of coffee and water for offices in the U.S. Both companies will be working very closely to have Jammin Java’s Marley Coffee office coffee pods, machines, and fractional packs brought to new markets in Spectrum’s pre-existing channels across the nation.

“We are thrilled about working with the Spectrum guys,” stated Rohan Marley, Chairman of Jammin Java Corp. “Their team is one of the most seasoned groups of veterans we’ve ever met with in this space. Their website www.Spectrumcoffeeandwater.com is fantastic as is, but their plans for the next version of the site will be best in class in terms of online B2B distribution.”

“We’re very excited to bring Jammin Java to market within our existing sales channels,” said Alan Crosby, CEO of PHSI, the owner of Spectrum Coffee and Water. ”Our company is rapidly expanding and we feel that this partnership with Rohan and his team will be great for our future growth. We plan on leading the Marley Coffee brand into our new and existing B2B market as well as growing our new ‘Marley at Home’ B2C concept.”

The company also recently announced that it has picked the leading e-tailer Coffeewiz.com as another one of its key online distributors after the successful convention at the NAMA Show in Chicago. Coffewiz.com, who bought the first pallet at the NAMA Show, will be the very first online company to distribute the new line of the single serving coffee pods and teas.

“We’re very happy to be represented on Coffeewiz.com,” commented Rohan Marley, Chairman of Jammin Java Corp. “Not only did we vibe well at the show, but we share a lot of the same vision and values when it comes to online coffee sales and presentation.”

Coffeewiz.com is a website that is run by coffee lovers that strive to provide the best single serve coffees on the market. “We’re really excited to work with Jammin Java,” said CEO Jim Evans of Coffeewiz.com. “The moment we met with Rohan and tasted the coffee, we knew that this was going to be special product, which is why with no hesitation we placed our first order of their pods so we can be first to the online market with it.”

For more information on the company and its products, visit their website at: www.jamminjavacoffee.com

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