Jammin Java’s 2.2 pound whole bean bags of Kingston City Roast whole bean coffee was offered as a Lightning Deal by Amazon on Friday, April 15, 2011. Lightning Deals offer a limited number of items at a discount for a short period of time. Jammin Java was pleased to announce today that the allotted supply ran out before time did.

“We were thrilled that Amazon decided to offer our product in a Lightning Deal and were even more thrilled with the response. While it is just a drop in the cup of our potential, it shows the excitement and enthusiasm that the market is showing for our new brand,” stated Rohan Marley, Chairman of Jammin Java Corp. “This is just the first of many unique promotions we plan to implement to broaden awareness of our product line.”

As last week, Jammin is launching a new line of products targeting consumers in the $4 billion single-serve coffee and tea pods market as well as the 2.5-ounce ground fractional packages of coffee, and 2.2-pound bags of whole beans. The new products will be showcased at The OneShow, and NCS&V will launch the products nationwide next month.