In this week’s episode of “Jane the Virgin,” Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is struggling with her decision to leave Michael (Brett Dier) out of her life. Meanwhile, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) also tries to move on with someone else. The baby remains Jane's top priority, but she begins to see that she has too much on her plate. 

Michael got into trouble both with Jane and his boss, when an informant revealed that he knew about his former partner, Nadine’s (Azie Tesfai) involvement with the notorious criminal, Sin Rostro. He got in a fight with Rafael in last week’s episode, when he thought that Rafael was the snitch. Jane was appalled by his behavior, and changed her mind about wanting to be with him. Jane kicked him out of her life, and he was also fired from his job. In a desperate move to get his life back on track, Michael calls on Nadine for help, in order to bring down Sin Rostro once and for all.

Back with Jane, she and Rafael are going through their son's estate planning. Jane finds out just how rich Rafael really is, when they discuss baby Mateo's trust fund. Jane becomes nervous about letting her child have all that money. She thinks he would get spoiled and he might not grow up to be the grounded person that she wants him to be.

While dealing with her son, she is also back in grad school. Unfortunately, she has a very unforgiving professor. He is a slave driver and she ends up  spending too much time trying to meet his standards. Her baby ends up developing a flat head because he’s frequently left lying on his back, while Jane is working on her school papers.

Jane and Rafael are forced to have a specialized helmet made, in order to correct the problem on Mateo’s head. While Jane is busy with grad school, Rafael has been spending time with the baby at a daycare with other moms. He ends up forming a bond with Jill, one of the other moms, Jill asks Jane for permission to ask Rafael out and Jane is forced to say that it’s fine, because she has been insisting that she does not want to be in a relationship with anybody.

Things don’t turn out well for Jane both in school and at home. She is exhausted, as she tries to balance motherhood and gradschool. She ends up getting academic probation, after she falls asleep in class. At home, Rafael encourages her to stop breastfeeding so that she can have more time for herself.

On a positive note, Rafael decides that Jill isn’t the woman for him. He tells Jane that even at her worst, he would still choose to be with her. Elsewhere, Petra (Yael Grobglas) is shocked to find out that she is carrying twins. She is quite overwhelmed and ends up turning to Jane for advice on being pregnant and being a mother.

Petra also has a lot of her plate other than her pregnancy. She is still married to Milos (Max Bird-Ridnell), who used their wedding as a way to bring in hundreds of live grenades into the Marbella. Petra and Magda (Priscilla Barnes) set Milos up to be arrested and they get rid of the grenades. Unfortunately, a small accident with one grenade causes Magda to lose a hand and one eye.

Milos discovers that he’s been set up and he sends his henchman, Ivan, to go after Petra and Magda. When he finds Magda, she ends up killing him right at the hotel, to the utter horror of Petra.

Elsewhere, Rogelio’s (Jaime Camil) telenovela, “Passions of Santos” has come to an end. He decides to put up a new show, where he will be the executive producer, director and leading man. Things start out rough, and the studio pulls out his budget. Luckily, he finds another investor to back his new show.

Complications are likely to arise later in the season after one of Jane’s grad school friends is revealed to be cooking up some trouble. He has been making notes on Jane’s stories about Rafael and his family. Being a writer, the guy appears to have a plan to write a revealing and compromising story about the Solano family.

Find out what happens next on “Jane The Virgin” next Monday at 9:00 p.m. EST on The CW.