“Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez said her beloved character Jane Gloriana Villanueva will be going through a huge transformation in her life in Season 3, and she would be learning how to adjust now that her life isn’t turning out like a “picture perfect book.”

‘‘Jane is making big moves when it comes to her own life and identity,’’ Rodriguez told The Columbus Dispatch.

Season 3 opened with Michael in a coma, so Jane tries to recall how their relationship began. ‘‘It’s a turning point for Jane because her life is turned upside down," Rodgriguez said. "Of course, Jane should be used to things turning out that way. Her life has been a whirlwind of jugging this new baby and this love triangle. She has been so worried about failing her mother and her grandmother.”

Rodriguez said Jane is going to find “acceptance in her circumstances,” and she has acknowledged that will sometimes fall short of her expectations.

“The important thing for Jane to realize is that she doesn’t have to be perfect throughout all of it. Perfection in life doesn’t exist,” she said.

Earlier, Rodriguez told AOL that this new season will be all about Jane and her family and friends dealing with serious issues in life. “We're going to grow big-time in this next season. The writers are going to great lengths to have Jane grow up. There's growing pains,” she said.

The scenes they shot were so sad for Rodriguez that she told Entertainment Weekly it took an effort for her to maintain her positive aura in real life.

“You learn to replace your energy in some other thought than the one in the scene,” Rodriguez explained. “You see her in the lowest of lows. It’s very heavy.”