“Jane the Virgin” star Justin Baldoni is in the running to become the best co-star. The actor, who plays Rafael Solano in The CW series, gave his support to Gina Rodriguez as she promoted her new film, “Deepwater Horizon.”

On his Instagram account (@justinbaldoni), he posted a poster showing Rodriguez in her new role as Andrea Fleytas.

“We all knew it was just a matter of time before @hereisgina made the jump from #janethevirgin to the big screen,” he wrote. “While she makes it look effortless... none of it comes easy. This woman is not only fierce but she's dedicated to her craft, achieving her dreams and all the while making sure she treats everyone with love and respect. Please join me and the rest of the @cwjanethevirgin cast and support her by seeing @deepwaterhorizonmovie this weekend. We love you G and were so proud!!”

Later, Baldoni posted a video showing him and his wife Emily after they saw “Deepwater Horizon.” The couple described the film as “amazing,” and they said they couldn’t help but cry their eyes out. The video then showed Rodriguez as she was making her exit from the cinema together with other “Jane the Virgin” stars.

“When your friend makes the jump from #janethevirgin to massive box office smash movie star, and is so loved that her crew basically buys the whole theatre. Go see #deepwaterhorizon! @hereisgina was incredible. So proud of you TV baby mama! @emilybaldoni and I love you!” he wrote.

As for Rodriguez, she posted a different photo of the movie on her Instagram account (@hereisgina) and asked her “Jane the Virgin” fans for their support.

“I humbly ask all of you for the support you have granted me these past few years to also support my new film ‘Deepwater Horizon.’ I know I didn't get this far alone,” she said. “I know I don't just represent myself or my family but every person who wanted to go after their dreams and feared rejection or failure but rose to the challenge. I know that I am no one without the hustle, struggle, and perseverance of all of my family, friends and warriors. I dream with my eyes open.”