She has definitely had better days.

Janice Dickinson, self-proclaimed “world’s first supermodel,” reportedly filed for bankruptcy, according to the New York Post, claiming that the 58-year-old has racked up nearly $1 million in debt and owes just about everyone.

“I had some trouble, so yes, it is true,” Dickinson told Radar Online. “I am upset and taking every step to pay everyone back, and I feel terrible about it.”

The sharp-tongued former “America’s Next Top Model” judge owes her dermatologist Arnold Klein and anti-aging expert Dr. Uzzi Reiss more than $8,000 for their services.

But that’s not it. Dickinson also owes Uncle Sam more than $500,000 for her unpaid taxes that go back more than 10 years.

According to Radar Online, Dickinson may be on her way to paying off her debt, because she stopped the interview when she received a call “about a prospective job offer!”