Dentsu Inc., Japan's largest adverising conglomerate, and CCI (Cyber Communications Inc.) announced Friday that they will start an audio ad streaming service for Apple iPod Podcast contents.

The Tokyo-based Dentsu and CCI will launch advertising service which inserts, replaces, and delete audio advertisement into and from Podcasted contents starting from Sep1. The companies claim that the service helps their clients to add and delete single and multiple ads for particular period automatically. Clients will not spend extra time to edit whole data when replacing ads, according to press releases.

The companies launched the service in an attempt to find new advertising markets. Dentsu built the structure of the system as a useful and efficient ad media, while CCI provided know-how of Internet ad development.

Dentsu will be the only firm allowed to make ad sales using the service. The first Podcast contents with its ads will be broadcasted for 12 programs by Tokyo Broadcasting System Radio & Communications Inc. for trial in September.