Japan's merchandise trade balance dropped to -471.4 billion yen in January, compared with a previous reading of 727.7 billion yen in December that revised to 725.9 billion yen, while the analyst's expectations referred to 49.3 billion yen.

Japan's adjusted merchandise trade balance declined to 191.8 billion yen in January, comparing with a prior reading 707.3 billion yen during December, which was revised to 579.9 billion yen, and the actual reading came lower than analyst's expectations that predicted of 712.0 billion yen.

Furthermore, the Japan's merchandise trade exports (YoY) slumped 1.4 during the year ended December 31, compared with a previous 13.0 a year earlier that revised to 12.9, and the expectations estimates of 7.4. Also the Japan's merchandise trade imports (YoY) jumped 12.4 during the month of January, compared with a prior reading 10.6 in December, whereas the anticipations referred to 8.1.