Japan's merchandise trade balance declined to -775.3 billion yen in August, compared with a previous reading of 72.5 billion yen in July that was revised to 70.0 billion yen, while the analyst's expectations referred to -300.0 billion yen.

Japan's adjusted merchandise trade balance also dropped to -294.4 billion yen in August, comparing with a prior drop 130.5 billion yen during July, which was revised to -160.2 billion yen, and the actual reading came lower than analyst's expectations that predicted of -22.1 billion yen.

Furthermore, the Japan's merchandise trade exports (YoY) jumped 2.8% during the month of August, compared with a previous -3.4% a year earlier, while the expectations estimates of 8.0%. Further, the Japan's merchandise trade imports (YoY) came at 19.2% in August more than the prior reading 9.9% and analysts' forecasts 14.3%.