The Japanese Yen appears to be returning to a bearish posture against its major currency rivals considering it ended yesterday's trading down somewhat versus all of its major rivals. Hitting the 149.60 level against the GBP, and even dropping to the 135.50 level against the EUR, the island currency is a little worse for wear considering its latest movements.

Many economists point out, however, that the banks in Japan being closed in celebration of the autumnal equinox carries a significant role in this latest downtrend. The thinly traded JPY only appears weak momentarily until the Japanese markets come back online early Wednesday. In other Asian news, the currencies of the south Pacific (Australia and New Zealand) appear to be gaining heavily against all of their currency rivals. Their avoidance of the harshest aspects of the global downturn has made them juicy targets for risk-hungry investors. Traders would be wise to note the upward movement of these pairs and trade accordingly.