As for the today's trading session, the Japanese yen fell from the highest level in four months against the greenback, as a rebound in stocks and a third day of fund injections by the BOJ, where the Bank has pumped 15 trillion yen (183 billion dollar) in the financial markets, aimed to help the exporters and trying to help the economy overcome the disaster that hit the country.

On the other hand, we can see the yen continues its drop against the US dollar and its major counterparts, after its big decline yesterday. The dollar/yen has started today's trading session at 81.05 level, after it recorded the a low of 80.59 during yesterday's session, and now the pair trades around 80.98, recording the highest at 81.16 and the lowest level at 80.88.

Moreover, from the central bank and a quicker effort to assemble a fiscal stimulus package could help assuage the quake's economic damage. The BOJ today added 3.5 trillion yen ($43 billion) to the financial system, where Japanese policy makers have no choice but to add to monetary easing, which may ease the yen's appreciation.

Japan's ministry of Finance in Tokyo noted that the economy will sell 4.777 trillion yen ($58.98 billion) in three month Treasury bill, where the bills will release on March 22.