Japanese yen tried to incline against the USD during the last session of the week, where the heavy selling operations hindered the Yen to gain against the USD, where the Yen is about to reach weekly losses that would be the biggest in two weeks.

Governor of the Bank of Japan noted that Japanese economy needs new stimulus plans, where this notice raised analysts' expectations of raising the incentive monetary policy by BOJ during the upcoming period.

USD/JPY pair declined to a low of 81.48 with an open at 81.61 while the high was 81.67.

From another side, New Zealand's dollar continue its fall against the American dollar for the third straight day to reach 1.0308 which is the lowest in three days, where the opening today was at 1.0343 and also the highest.

NZD/USD pair is near the lowest in two weeks at 0.812 with high of 0.8144 to be traded now at 0.8129.