The Japanese yen inclined against dollar and major currencies with the beginning of the week especially after the positive trade data that showed unexpected surplus, at the same time investors are using yen comfortably.

Financial markets are trading cautiously which negatively affected Asian stocks and also pressured high yielding currencies like the Australian and New Zealand dollar against the yen and greenback. We also saw the unexpected incline in consumer price index in China amid renewed fears of European debt crisis.

The USD/JPY pair fell to record low of 81.18 after starting the session at 81.53 and began to rise again to be trade now at 81.41. Japanese Yen recorded its highest level in month against Euro at 106.16.

AUD/USD fell with the beginning of the session today to record low of 1.0256 and the high of 1.0293.

NZD/USD moves downwards to record low of 0.8150 with high of 0.8185 to trade now at 0.8177 level.