The Japanese yen fell against the dollar and other major currencies today after BOJ's Governor said that the central bank may continue its easing policy, which reduced demand for the Japanese currency to open the way for major currencies to rise against the yen.

On the other hand, the US dollar fell against major currencies to move on a narrow range against the Japanese yen, where the stability of monetary policy still affect on the federal currency against other major currencies.

The USD / JPY pair traded through a narrow range today, reaching its lowest level at 80.83 and the highest at 81.05, while it's currently trading at 81.00.

The Australian dollar soared dramatically against the U.S. dollar today after positive data released by the Australian economy regarding the unemployment rates and the number of jobs that were added during March, as the pair jumped to its highest level at 1.0399 after hitting the lowest at 1.0301, while the pair opened today's session at the level of 1.0317.

The NZD/USD pair rose to its highest level in two days at 0.8226 after hitting the lowest at 0.8178 and it is currently trading at 0.8219.