Japanese yen continues to decline against the US dollar as it reached the lowest since 16 years ago, where the central bank of Japan succeeded to decline the yen's value through its monetary policy by 10.4% during the first quarter against major currencies, which positively affect on Japanese companies that depend on exports.

Moreover, the central bank of Japan pumped 10 trillion Yen in the nation's economy with determining an inflationary target for the first time at 1% in order to decrease the demand of the Japanese Yen.

The USD/JPY pair reached 83.21 with the beginning of the week after hitting the highest of 83.25, where the pair started at 82.87 in the beginning of this week.

The Japanese yen against the Euro is being trade near its lowest since 6 months at 110.97, while it reached the highest with the beginning of the session at 11.04 and lowest at 110.54.