The Japanese currency rebounded against its all major counterparts, while it inclined sharply versus the US dollar after a report that showed Japan's economy gave optimism signs as the tertiary industry index advanced 2.6% in the April month that compared with a previous drop by 6.0% in March, adding the manufacturing sectors started the production process.

Moreover, the Japanese producer prices index rose to 2.2% during May from 2.5% a month earlier, which is the eight high in eight months, affected by higher energy and raw material costs.

The USD/JPY pair dropped, recorded the lowest level at 80.05 and the highest level at 80.39.

On the other hand, NZ dollar declined against the greenback as Mr. Bollard announced that RBNZ will start boost its borrowing costs during December due to the Bank aims to help the economy to recovery from the nation's massive earthquake in eight decades.

The NZD/USD pair slumped, trades around 0.8258 after recorded a low of 0.8231 and a high of 0.8274.