The Japanese yen inclined for the second straight day against the dollar and other major currencies with the unstable political environment in Holland and France that boosted worries over Europe's debt crisis, where investors return to safe currencies like the yen.

USD/JPY pair declined to record a low of 80.84 after hitting support level 81.00 after opening at 81.08 and recorded the high at 81.17, where the pair sees a new level of support over the short run at 80.60 then another one at 80.30.

From another side, the Australian dollar continued its decline against the dollar to record its lowest in two weeks at 1.0246 especially after the consumer price index reading for the first quarter slowed more than expected which boosted forecasts for another round of monetary easing.

AUD/USD pair is currently hovering around 1.0259 after opening at 1.0305 and recorded the high of 1.0323 and facing the next support level around 1.0220.

NZD/USD pair fluctuated heavily today where it's currently trading around 0.8121 levels with almost flat, after the pair recorded the high of 0.8140 and low of 0.8100.