Asian session witnessed today a slightly less trades with declining of the Japanese yen for the third straight day against dollar and major currencies, amid the expectations of modifying the monetary policy by the BOJ in order to support Japanese companies.

Japanese yen declined for the third day against dollar, where the pair USD/JPY traded near the highest in week at 81.53 with opening at 81.30 and low of 81.25.

Meanwhile, Japanese economy recorded a deficit in its trade balance in March after recording a surplus in February, which negatively affected on the Yen to reach the lowest in two weeks against Australian dollar at 130.66.

Australian dollar slightly declined against dollar amid the expectations for china the largest trade partner for Australia of raising the reserve ratio, which will affect on exchange market.

AUD/USD pair fell to low of 1.0352 with high at 1.0377 and currently at 1.030. NZD/USD pair is traded near 0.8165.