Japanese Yen inclined against Dollar and major currencies during the first session of the week amid the last round of France' presidential elections, which declined the demand on high revenues currencies during the Asian session to make the Yen benefited.

USD/JPY pair reached the lowest in three days at 81.24, while the opening and highest level at 81.58.

From another side, Australia dollar fell against American dollar and other major currencies, as a result of Australia's inflationary data today, which recorded unexpected fell which increase the forecasts about lowering the interest rate by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

AUD/USD pair recorded low of 1.0325 while opening at 1.03811 with high of 10.382, while the pair supports at 1.0310 levels.

NZD/USD pair fell with the beginning of the week's sessions to record low of 0.8150 with open at 0.8184 while highest at 0.8185