The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony is already known around the world as a war criminal who has terrorized sub-Saharan Africa for decades with his army of abducted child soldiers thanks to massively successful Kony 2012 project and viral video campaign launched by controversial humanitarian group, Invisible Children. What most people don't know is that Kony is rumored to use voodoo curses to control his army and may have unleashed his voodoo powers on Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children and director of the Kony 2012 video, causing his naked public meltdown on March 15, leading to his arrest by the San Diego police.

The wildly speculative rumor comes from TMZ after speaking with Richard Akena, a native Ugandan who has been captured by the Lord's Resistance Army on four separate occasions. According to Akena, many of the people in the Lord's Resistance Army believe Kony is being controlled by a devil spirit.

Kony frequently attempted to use voodoo curses to defeat his enemies in Africa, said Akena, who believes Kony may have used the same evil magic to destroy Jason Russell's reputation and put an end to Invisible Children's attempts to expose the Lord's Resistance Army.

Joseph Kony has been accused of using voodoo magic for his own ends since as early as 2001, according to an article published online in 2003 titled Joseph Kony's Spirit War. The article claims that Kony had been tutored by his aunt, the Acholi Priestess, [Alice] Lakwena, who herself had engaged in brutal kidnappings (forced conscriptions) into her Holy Spirit Army. The author, Richard Petraitis, also confirms that Kony uses voodoo on his own soldiers, writing Joseph Kony subjects his child soldiers to an odd blend of Christianity, primarily the fundamentalist kind, mixed with African animistic beliefs which include the practice of witchcraft. Of course, the Biblical passages forbidding engagement in witchcraft are overlooked.

Despite the fact that Russell's family says the naked public meltdown was brought on by reactive psychosis caused by stress and not enough sleep, Akena remains convinced that Russell's breakdown and subsequent arrest were Kony's doing. Check out the close-up video of Jason Russell's meltdown below.