Jason Segel, the star of Jeff, Who Lives at Home, is steadily vying for the position of The Nicest Guy in Hollywood -- and he certainly has our vote!

At the after party for a Jeff, Who Lives at Home screening hosted by the Hollywood Reporter, Segel revealed his life's ambition. It wasn't to be President or even to be a famous actor -- he said he just always wanted to be a nice guy.

Drew Grant from the New York Observer's Velvet Roper blog chatted up The Muppets and Forgetting Sarah Marshall Star while he was sipping a cocktail -- and his glass was way more than half full.

When asked what he wanted to be when he was growing up, Segal said, simply, Nice. And being the nice guy that he is, he apologized for SIPPING HIS DRINK while he was talking to the reporter.

Sorry, they really filled this up too the brim...

When the reporter asked what Segal wanted to be now that he was a bonafide grown-up (unlike the character he plays in the mumblecore movie), his answer didn't change.

Oh, same thing, Segel said. Being nice is the most important thing in the world.

Segel already proved himself to be a mensch when he agreed to go on a date with a fan earlier this year, after she appealed to him via YouTube.

Chelsea Gill uploaded a YouTube video of herself performing the Jason Segel Song -- which she wrote and recorded for the purposes of landing a date with the actor. Not long after, Segal tweeted his praise of the song:

My favorite thing, maybe ever. I am in awe. Response on the way.

And the answer, of course, was yes -- Segel invited Gill and a guest to accompany him to the Chicago Film Critics Awards on Jan. 7. Gill brought her identical twin sister and later reported that Segel sent her over the moon.

Segel came late to Twitter, but quickly became a prolific tweeter, and stands out as one of the most positive presences on the social media site. He is infinitely grateful for his nearly one million followers, and regularly tweets his gratitude for their support.

We don't even know each other and you guys want me to be happy, he tweeted earlier in March. I'm not being sarcastic at all when I say that actually means a lot.

More recently, he kept his Twitter sentiments closer to home, sending a birthday message to his sister: a very very happy birthday to my amazing kid sister @alibaby90 - I'm very lucky to have such an amazing sister and friend. (Side note: Follow her. Now. She is HILARIOUS. Example: Construction workers saw me showering. No need to buy national geographic this month!).

Segel plays the title role in Mark and Jay Duplass's latest film Jeff, Who Lives at Home, about a 30-year-old stunted adolescent who lives in the basement of his childhood home. His next film, the Judd Apatow-produced The Five Year Engagement, will open the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City in May.

Segel will reunite with Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, Freaks and Geeks) again for This is 40, which picks up a few years after Knocked Up left off.

Aside from his consistent -- and almost always commercially and critically successful -- film work, Segal is still a regular on How I Met Your Mother, one of the smartest and most successful sitcoms currently on network television.

See -- nice guys do finish first!

Jeff, Who Lives at Home opens on Friday. Watch the trailer here: