Javier Chicharito Hernandez has bounced back from injury to be the new superstar of Manchester United, scoring a point against Liverpool to save the team from defeat in the Premier League's early kickoff at Anfield and preparing to sign a five-year contract with the stellar team.

In his third goal of the season, Hernandez, subbing in for the second half, preserved United's unbeaten record by tying the game at 1-1, keeping the his team a favorite to win the Premier League title.

Hernandez Fantastic, Signs with United

Sir Alex Ferguson, who owns Manchester United, called Hernandez fantastic. His record if goalscoring is unbelievable, Ferguson told MUTV. He's just got that touch.

Javier Hernandez, who plays as No. 14, recently agreed to a five-year contract with Manchester United, putting him in a high bracket of football earners and confirming his place as a starter. United has not officially announced the contract, but the player's agent, Eduardo Hernandez, confirmed.

United [was] happy to reward Javier after his very good performances last season, Hernandez said, noting the player's twenty goals and brushing aside rumors that he had been slated for Real Madrid. It was never likely that Javier would leave, he told The Guardian, and I have nothing but praise for the way they have recognised Javier's performances.

Manchester United had a rather lackluster first half, with fifth-ranking Liverpool scoring the first goal. Famous starter Wayne Rooney was kept on the bench by Ferguson after a red card cast Rooney out of the group stage of the 2012 European Championship.

With the help of Hernandez and keeper David de Gea, however, Manchester United brilliantly tied the match.

The Rise of Chicharito

In the beginning, Hernandez was in the spotlight before mainly for a famous father. His nickname Chicharito (little pea) is in honor of fellow football (or in American terms, soccer) star Javier Hernandez Sr., called Chicharo (green pea) for his green eyes. He also had a rocky start this year, suffering a pre-season concussion and a complicated groin injury.

The Mexican striker, however, said that no injury would have kept him back. He has no plans to join Real Madrid, and is determined to go from being United's best sub to being its new starter player.

Having injuries is part of the game, he said. There are always good and bad moments, but we need to be ready, enjoy it, and [I need to] do my best for the team.

Since the 2010-11, Chicharito has lead United with six headed goals. All 16 of his goals in the past two seasons have come from inside the penalty box, a remarkable feat.

Hernandez continues to down-play the praise heaped on him since his late-game goal, which looks to earn him a place as five-year starter on the United team. There are no heroes in this team, the striker insisted on United's official web site. I don't feel like a hero. I scored the goal, but United scores overall.

He also took the time to praise Spaniard de Gea, who made his debut as keeper in the Premier League season this year.

David is working day by day, 23-year-old Chicharito said, noting that his teammate's effort to bulk up mirrors his own twelve months before. He knows to play in this shirt, you need to enjoy it. But he's also aware it's a big responsibility. He's handling it very well.