With Americans across the East Coast braving Hurricane Sandy, it’s easy to forget that one of the most important days of the year is approaching, a day that will alter the course of history as we know it. It’s the day when millions of Americans will go out in droves to cast their…best costume upon the world!

With Halloween a mere two days away, who could possibly be concerned with a forthcoming presidential election?

For the political junkies who plan to dress up Wednesday night, Jay Leno may just have your perfect last minute costume idea.

In his closing monologue Friday night, the late night talk king proposed that viewers wear a ‘Re-Elect Obama’ button and go out as journalists, which received a hearty guffaw from the studio crowd, according to Mediaite.

Leno noted that it’d be the perfect costume for Americans unable to spend extra on a Halloween costume because of economic difficulties.  After all, you’d only need to venture over to the local Obama campaign center and pick up a button, which would be free.

The costume idea reflects a long-held belief in conservative circles that there’s a liberal bias in today’s media.

While Leno’s joke rollicked from coast to coast, it may not be the most original. In September at the Democratic National Convention, the conservative group The Media Resarch orchestrated a wildly successful (and similar) stunt.

The MRC passed out “Journalists for Obama” t-shirts to Obama supporters who were none the wiser, acting pleased to have received a free t-shirt, which they thought was supporting the President.