British Ice Skater, Jayne Campbell Soliman died before she gives birth after two days being declared clinically brain dead.

Soliman, 41, had suffered a brain hemorrhage caused by a hidden tumor. However, doctors managed to keep Soliman's heart beating for two days just long enough to deliver her daughter, Aya Jayne by caesarian section weighing just over 2 pounds.

Mrs. Soliman was only 25 weeks pregnant when she complained of a headache and collapsed in her bedroom on Wednesday.

Aya is the Muslim word for miracle, She is so tiny, but she is a little fighter just like her mother, Mahmoud Soliman, 29, the girl's father said.

Jayne Campbell Soliman, is a famous professional skater. In 1989 she was the British professional champion as well as the No 7 in the world for professional free skating.