At 20, Teen Moms 2 star Jenelle Evans has been pregnant, has fought a custody battle, has worn black and white stripes and shackles in jail (apparently they still exist), and has been arrested twice in six days.

Even after being released on bail last week following her arrest for allegedly threatening and harassing her former roommate, Evans was rearrested on Monday night for violating a domestic violence protection order.

According to E! News, Dustin Sullivan, Evan's attorney, had bond set for $1,000, which Evans paid and was allowed to go free. For now. Evans returns to court on Feb. 6, and Sullivan says she could be facing 75 days in jail.

Although Evans has virulently denied the allegations, she is no stranger to illegal acts, arrests, bonds and bail. While she has attempted to balance and merge her party personality and motherhood on screen, she has also continued on a legal downward spiral off screen.

In October 2010, Evans was charged with breaking and entering and marijuana possession. Last March, Evans was charged with assault for a street fight she had with another girl and was put on probation. She ended up violating that probation five months later, by testing positive for marijuana and opiates.

Evans has had a trail of videos online, dramatic mug shots, wordy Facebook status updates and tweets documenting her smoking marijuana when she was not supposed to. Her Facebook fan page has quotes from Evans pleading her innocence, appealing to her fans and casting doubt on her accusers.

Despite Evans' bad track record, her concerned fans have reached out to her regarding her missteps and some have offered their encouragement.

A fan stands by through the good and the bad, one person wrote on the page. Another fan asked, Can someone please refresh my memory on the good part?? All I have seen has been VERY bad choices one right after the other!

Some have even rallied up other supporters to buy #Team Jenelle t-shirts to show their solidarity. For now, Evans has decided to keep a low profile and give Twitter a rest. She tweeted, BYE BYE TWITTER. DEACTIVATING FOR A WHILE. : [ a day ago from her Twitter handle @PBandJenelley_1.