Jennie Garth is showing off her new boyfriend, three months after finalizing her divorce from actor Peter Facinelli. The two were married for 11 years before Facinelli filed for the split. The couple has three daughters together, Luca, Lola and Fiona.

Facinlli, 38, has since started dating actress Jamie Alexander, 28, and both starred in the movie, “Loosies” which came out in January. Meanwhile, the former “90210” star is dating Michael Shimbo, who is the CEO of a San Francisco-based company called Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

She has been posting pictures of her new boyfriend on Instagram with captions such as, “#luckylady.” The relationship is quite new, however, as the two were first spotted out in public on August 25th at The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco in California. But things seem to be heading in the right direction, as he joined Garth to watch her daughters and their soccer practice in California this past weekend. 

Back in December, Garth opened up about her ex-husband’s new relationship with Alexander. She told People magazine, "I think there will come a time when it won't sting so bad. But I'm not quite there yet.

"You know, I am happy that he is happy, though."

Alexander also spoke to People about her relationship with the actor last November, saying “We’ve been friends forever and had a lot of mutual friends and we reconnected in the middle of the year.

It was one of those things where I’d been single for a very long time and he was going through a lot. We sort of bonded.

It’s very new to me and it’s scary, but it’s also something we don’t want to give up on because I know how it makes me feel in my heart….It makes me feel really good. He’s a good guy with a great family and I couldn’t be any luckier.”