Jennifer Aniston will star in the holiday film, “Office Christmas Party.”

Aniston plays the role of a ruthless CEO named Carol, who doesn’t necessarily love Christmas. Upon arriving at the office, she removes the décor on the wall and tells everyone that the Christmas party at the office can no longer push through. Upon hearing this, Carol’s brother, Clay (T.J. Miller), tries to tell his colleagues that he can still make the party work. Unfortunately, Carol is right in front of them. “Hey, i---t! I’m looking right at you!” Carol says. “Okay, we’re not doing it,” Clay says before whispering, “We’re still doing it.”

Also in the teaser, Carol will also shut down Josh’s (Jason Bateman) department if he and Clay will not be able to bring in a huge sum of money. “If by some miracle you can close Walter Davison’s (Courtney B. Vance) 14-pppmillion dollar account, your jobs are safe,” she tells them. “

Clay comes up with the idea to give Walter so much fun at their Christmas party so he will sign the deal with their company. The entire office is transformed into a room filled with Christmas decors and lights. Everyone is having so much fun, but Carol eventually finds out what is going on at her office. When she arrives at the venue, Carol is surprised to see everyone enjoying the night. There are games being held, music being played and booze being circulated. Her client, Walter, is also having the best time of his life. “What did you guys do to him?” she asks.

“Office Christmas Party” also stars Kate McKinnon as Mary, Jamie Chung as Meghan, Olivia Munn as Tracey, Abbey Lee as Savannah, Jillian Bell as Trina, Karan Soni as Nate, Randall Park as Fred and more, according to Rolling Stone.

“Office Christmas Party” is slated to hit theaters in the United States on Dec. 8.