Jennifer Aniston is all set to launch her latest fragrance, Near Dusk, this month. The Hollywood actress’s third signature scent is a “heady mix of jasmine, peony, musk and white amber with bright top notes that feature nectarine, sweet pink pepper and coconut water.” Her new fragrance reportedly can be described in one word: “sensual.”

According to E! News, the sultry fragrance will be launching at Kohl’s this month. “When creating my fragrances, I start by smelling almost every note I can get my hands on in the lab, from different flowers to leather belts. Once I’ve created something I like, I give it a test run for a few months,” the “Cake” actress said. Aniston said she finds it really interesting that different notes are expressed as the day goes on. To zero in on a particular note, Aniston depends on feedback from friends and family members.

The actress’s fragrance is inspired by a beach sunset. Her first two perfumes are called Jennifer Aniston and J by Jennifer Aniston Divine. The fragrances are feminine and refreshing -- they remind her of a day spent by the ocean.

The actress loves being on the beach at twilight. With Near Dusk, she wanted to recreate the relaxation of that time of day. She said the fragrance captures the glowing feeling that comes over as the sun sets and night falls. The new bottle is reminiscent of her first two fragrances, but this time is in a purple ombré color. Near Dusk Jennifer Aniston Eau de Parfum is available in three sizes, with a rollerball and perfect for travel.

Aniston also said she loves the smell of Ellen DeGeneres’s house. It has an earthly and delicious smell. Aniston also admitted that she loves the scent of church. The “Friends” alum is against cologne on men; she loves the way they smell naturally in their own sweat.

The star spoke about her beauty regimen and bikini body secrets. Talking about her bedtime rituals, Aniston said she pampers herself before bed. She mostly washes her face, use a mask and then indulges in some moisturizing. Aniston said her go-to scent as a teenager was Anais Anais. A beauty product people would be surprised to find in her bag is a tiny pair of bronze feet, she said.