Jennifer Garner isn't trying to shelter her children from the news of her divorce from Ben Affleck, according to a new report. The couple went public about their split on July 30, issuing a statement to TMZ. In the statement they said their children are their "top priority" and this further confirms that. 

According to People magazine, Garner has been incredibly "honest" with her children about their divorce. Sources say rather than pretend things are fine, the mother of three has decided to tell her children the truth. Both she and Affleck are said to be doing "whatever is needed" to keep their young children "happy and well-adjusted" during this difficult time.

"She's such a good mom and she's honest with them. She's not sugarcoating this," one source said. 

In another attempt to put their kids' happiness first, the newly separated couple recently went to the Bahamas for a family vacation. Sources told Us Weekly the soon to be exes "got the kids out of L.A. as soon as school was out." They reportedly chose the Bahamas because it is somewhere they've been going for quite some time and is both secluded and "special" for the children.

Now that they have returned from their island getaway, Affleck and Garner plan to continue resolving their split amicably. They will continue to live on the same property, though Affleck will reportedly be living in another house on the property. Affleck and Garner have decided to seek joint custody, meaning they will get equal time with their children. The couple reportedly plans to settle the entire separation outside of court.