Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz's butt joke at the Oscars 2012 left viewers' screens filled with the ample behinds of the two stars as they prepared to open the envelope bearing the name of the winner for Best Makeup.

The joke got some laughs, but the question that remained once J.Lo announced that J. Roy Helland's work on The Iron Lady had been honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was whether or not Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz's butt joke was disrespectful to the nominees.

As five teams of talented makeup artists waited to see whether they would be going home with an Oscar statue that night, they were subjected to the juvenile display, which left Diaz laughing as the winner was announced.

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz were laughing like two schoolgirls as they fouled up one of the greatest moments in some fine, and unsung, artists' lives. And why was J.Lo an announcer at the Oscars 2012 Sunday night anyway? Has she done anything since the hilariously bad Gigli?

As pointed out: If there are two people you can confidently say will never win an Oscar, it's Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz, so naturally they presented an award together last night because Hollywood's the Special Olympics that way.

Besides that, the joke didn't even really make much sense. Jennifer Lopez has long been known for her end-table posterior, but Diaz has no chance of being included in the category of best Tinseltown rumps.

And was it all just a moment of vanity and rudeness? It boggles the mind what was going through these trailing ladies' minds when they decided to bust out the infantile joke, but the evening got even raunchier earlier in their two minutes of shame, when Jennifer Lopez very well may have had a nipple slip wardrobe malfunction in her cleavage-bearing Zuhair Murad gown, though her publicist denies it.

Either way, the whole display was highly disrespectful to the Best Makeup nominees, who were expecting to hear who would be taking home an Oscar that night, and instead were treated to a stupid butt joke. Not Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz's finest hour.

Re-live the disrespectful joke, and the possible nipple slip wardrobe malfunction in the video below: